Labyrinth 2 – What We Know and Who’s Been Hired

Posted on 27 May 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Since Labyrinth’s release in 1986, its taken place as a much loved cult classic, adored by fans all over the world, and held in a special place in many peoples hearts. With The Dark Crystal’s Netflix adaption doing well in 2019, with an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the recent news of Fraggle Rock getting a reboot, thanks to Apple TV, it was only a matter of time until discussion surrounding a Labyrinth sequel, or reboot, was going to start happening.

Little information is currently known regarding what the Labyrinth sequel will include. Scott Derrickson, director of the acclaimed Dr.Strange, may not have returned for the superhero sequel, but is confirmed to be on board as the director for Labyrinth 2. Jim Henson’s daughter, Lisa, will be joining the production as a producer, while his son Brian, will be taking on the roll of executive producer.

Maggie Levin, known for Hulu’s My Valentine, is joining the team as script writer. The writer used Twitter to thank fans for the ‘outpouring of love’ she received, following her involvement being announced, adding ‘“it’s a dream come true” is a massive understatement, but, that’s truly what it is.’. With so many people having grown up loving this movie, its no surprise that most of those involved with the creation of its sequel, are fans.

IMDB gives us few clues as to the plot of the movie, listing only that it will be about ’a mythical princess searching for her father in a perilous labyrinth.’. David Bowie’s departure from earth back in 2016, does unfortunately mean we of course won’t be seeing him reprise his role of the Goblin King, a huge disappointment for fans, but no word has yet been released as to if Jennifer Connelly may return to the glitter dusted realm of Labyrinth.