Jonah Hill received pay cut for role in The Wolf of Wall Street

Posted on 24 January 2014
By Alice Yorke
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Following the release of The Wolf of Wall Street last week, Jonah Hill has revealed he was so eager to work with esteemed filmmaker Martin Scorsese that he took a massive pay cut.

The Superbad actor earned $60,000 for his Oscar-nominated portrayal of stockbroker Donnie Azoff, a small fee compared to his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio reportedly earned $10 million for his role as Jordan Belfort, half the amount he received for starring The Great Gatsby.

Jonah explained that the opportunity to work with Scorsese was payment enough.

He said: “It was the minimum. I think SAG minimum is something like $60,000 – before commissions and taxes. I would sell my house and give him all my money to work for [Scorsese]… I would have done anything in the world. I would do it again in a second.”

The 21 Jump Street star also revealed that acting wasn’t about money. He said: “It’s not about money for me. None of this s*** is about money. I want to make money to pay my rent, and hopefully have a family one day and have kids and stuff.”

Hill is currently working on 22 Jump Street alongside Channing Tatum and is also set to voice a character in the upcoming Lego Movie.