IT the movie remake – will it live up to the original

Posted on 5 November 2016
By Jerry Atkinson
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Ever since the announcement of the ‘IT’ remake, fans of the original miniseries have had mixed feelings about the actor who will be replacing the legendary Tim Curry as the spine-chilling Pennywise the Clown.

With the release date next year, expect a trailer to drop anytime soon.

The original story from Stephen King’s novel follows seven children as they are terrorized and haunted by a demonic clown, which lasts for 2 episodes, both of which go on for an hour and a half each.

The first episode shows It terrorizing children in the many creepy ways he can which ends with the children thinking they have defeated him with slingshots and silver rocks.

The second episode goes thirty years later were the children have grown up to adults but in a turn of events It comes back to terrorize more children from the original town in which the original children notice and come back to finally defeat him.

Will Poulter was set to be cast as the newest version of Pennywise but Bill Skarsgård took the role and has so far went on to release images of him in the makeup and outfit he will be wearing on the set of the movie.

The new outfit for Pennywise is mostly based on a bygone era in the 16th century, with the thick, fluffy collar included as well as a Shakespeare type outfit.

The original outfit was colourful and vibrant while the new one looks dark and shadow like.
The release date is set to be sometime early September 2017.