I Frankenstein Stuart Beattie – cast left battered and bruised

Posted on 24 January 2014
By James McAllister
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Stuart Beattie, the director of I, Frankenstein has revealed that filming the intense action movie left it’s mark on the cast – literally.

I, Frankenstein tells the story of a monster on a journey to become a man whilst protecting humanity from dark evil forces. Pitched as a character driven action movie Beatties biggest concern was selling all the physical action sequences.

Beattie said: “The only way to sell a fight scene like that is to really try and hit someone. It’s like doing a dialogue scene – you’ve got to really yell at them if you’re going to be convincing, so that was the mantra. You’ve got to really try to hit them, and they’ll really try to stop you, because they will get hit.”

“I got clobbered!I was showing Aaron something, he had the sticks [his weapons], he followed through and smacked me in the head.”

Beattie revealed that filming the action sequences meant his cast often left the set covered in welts and bruises.

But Beattie jokes: “The biggest real injury was someone dislocating their finger closing their car door at the end of a shoot – nothing to do with us.”

I, Frankenstein is released in cinemas on January 29.