Horror movies should have a CGI limit say fans: Bruce Campbell joins the debate

Posted on 23 May 2013
By Jade-Elizabeth Masters
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Horror movie fans are calling for a cap on CGI usage in new films, which they claim ruins the sense of suspense and tension needed to create a successful horror film.

Recent box office hits such as Sinister and Insidious relied heavily on CGI to create disturbing images for the big screen, but fans say they miss the mark psychologically.

Evil Dead movie legend Bruce Campbell added his voice to the debate saying CGI has its place, but that it should only be used sparingly.

Bruce, 54, admitted the film used CGI for practical reasons, despite early promises from director Fede Alvarez that the film would contain absolutely no computer created imagery.

The Burn Notice star said: “As a movie producer I can always use a little more ‘digital’ to get things done quicker and keep a movie under budget.

“Modern technology works in many helpful ways.

“I wish we had it 30 years ago, on the original Evil Dead movie.

“So I would have been able to remove that God damn garden hose of gushing blood.

“Fede (Alvarez) had worked with CGI before on his shorts and we knew he could bring the movie in for less money than many others.

“It’s a practical substitute for effects when you’ve got tubes, wires and a load of extra people on set to pay, to produce the same images.

“Not to mention saving your arm from the weird positions you have to hold it in to get a shot.

“It’s something that’s now easily available, but we only use it when needed, which is how it should be.”

Tommy Gonzales who runs the Classic Horror Fan Group said: “CGI ruins the sense of fear and suspense which horror films need to cultivate in the audiences’ minds to succeed.

“It’s a slap in the face to horror fans when films come out and they’re filled with wall to wall computer effects and nothing else.

“Plot and character development are often sacrificed, because the producers are obsessed with CGI.

“The main reason they use so much CGI is because its cheap and they all want to come in under budget.

“But when they had no computer graphics, it forced them to be more creative with props and make up. And they made better films.

“The new Evil Dead was the perfect example of how CGI should be used.

“Every horror fan we talk with agrees that there should be a limit on the amount of CGI used to save horror films while we still can.”