Ghostbusters 3 news – Paul Feig talks about fan backlash and says: trust me

Posted on 19 March 2015
By Pierce King
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Ghostbusters 3 Director has tackled the fan backlash towards his all female reboot of Ghostbusters head on by saying he ‘totally gets it’ – but assuring fans he’s not going to mess it up.

Speaking about the fierce criticism from fans of the iconic 80s movie, he said that he knows it means a lot to people and that he is going into the project pure of heart.

The Bridesmaids director also said he thinks it makes perfect sense that Sony Pictures want to reboot the Ghostbusters universe and open it up to many more sequels.

But he mainly addressed the fact that he’s getting hit by fans in the mid 30’s, who we’re kids at the time of the movie, with high expectations.

He said: “This is taking on a property that means a lot to people.

“I was just out of college when I saw the first one, and I loved it. It was a real game-changer in the comedy world for me, but I wasn’t 8 or 9 years old when it came out.

“The people I’m getting hammered by the most are guys kind of in their late 30s who grew up and ran around their neighbourhood in those costumes, and I completely get it.

“I completely get it. So all you can then do is just, I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t want to say ‘Trust me’ but just go like, ‘Wait!’”

“All I can say is I’m coming into this so pure of heart, just like with Peanuts. I’m not looking to fuck this up,” he said. “If we do, I will feel horrible and I will flagellate myself until the end of my days. All I can say is I think we’ll pull it off.”

Feig also confirmed that the film will begin shooting in Boston on June 15th and they’re pushing for a PG-13 rating.