Ghostbusters 3 cast list update – director wants Bill Murray for role as new character

Posted on 28 January 2015
By Carlton Whitfield
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The director of the female led Ghostbusters 3 has revealed that he hopes Bill Murray will consider a part playing a totally new character, so he doesn’t have to wear Peter Venkman’s shoes again.

Paul Feig has revealed his casting choices with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, but fans are wondering how this will deviate from the iconic 1980s movies and what will the characters be like?

We’ve had our first hints via a dig into the proposed script. Erin Gabler is an academic on the tenure track at Columbia.

Her former colleague and co-author is… Abby Bergman, who’s more on the pop parapsychology side of things, and pursues ghosts for a living.

Jillian is Abby’s ghost hunting partner. Patty is an MTA employee who comes across the main ghost.

But the more interesting element to fans salivating for news is that Bill Murray — who has publicly endorsed the all female reboot, but balked at returning to the franchise — is being sought for a role.

But the twist is that it’s not Peter Venkman. Rather, Feig wants him to play Martin Heiss, “a professional supernatural debunker,” who crosses paths with the women when they post footage online, and he sets out to prove they are fakes.

A lot can happen between casting details being released like this and films going into production, so we wait with baited breath for firm news and for Bill Murray to check his answer machine.