Get ready for the VHS revival!

Posted on 28 August 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Whether it’s something you consider a relic of times gone by, or something that just happened to exist before you were born, the revival of vinyl has prompted many to think back on the golden days of tape.

VHS may no longer be the favoured format of media for the majority, but they seem to be making their come back.

For many tape fans, a major draw for VHS is the cover art.

Many movies that were later released on DVD had completely different cover art on their VHS counterpart.

Often much more extravagant, occasionally pretty cheesy, and sometimes somewhat rude, the art of a VHS box is commonly more impressive than on any other release of a movie.

Plus, sometimes there isn’t any other release of the movie.

Plenty of films never found their time to be released on DVD, and as people take their tape collections to the tip, some films are being permanently lost.

The threat of losing media should be enough of a wake up call as to why tapes should be preserved, but if not, there’s also a very specific experience that comes with VHS.

The skips, jumps, colour problems, and the miraculous occasion that a tape is in perfect condition, all add to the experience of watching a film.

Scrolling through Netflix is all well and good, but a VHS tape brings with it a physical experience of a movie, and a dedication to watching it.

For those old enough to have grown up with it as the most prominent media format, its also hugely nostalgic, which is proven to have a positive effect on your mental health!

The culture surrounding VHS collectors is also fascinating, and inviting.

There are many groups for tape fans on Facebook, many of which are full of friendly fans looking to trade, buy and sell tapes.

For a more protected buying experience, and wider range of choice, there are plenty of VHS sellers on eBay.

Even VideOdyssey, dubbed the UK’s last video shop, have almost 3000 tapes up for sale in their eBay store.

What are you waiting for? Its time for the comeback!