Gallery 1988 launch travelling art show to celebrate Ghostbuster’s 30th anniversary

Posted on 3 May 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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In celebration of Ghostbuster’s 30th anniversary this June, Gallery 1988 will be producing a travelling show of original artwork, as well as limited edition collectables.

Gallery 1988 is a famous gallery based in California that specialises in all things pop culture.

The gallery is known for it’s opening nights bringing in up to 2,500 people including famous celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson and Jonah Hill coming out to view the artwork.

The art show will be making its way across the country, starting in New York then making it’s way across to Los Angeles, Chicago and will be finishing at San Diego Comic Con.

The dates for the show have been released, which are as follows:

New York – 19th- 26th of April
Los Angeles – 17th May to 1st of June
Chicago- June 20th to June 22nd
San Diego Comic Con – July 24th to July 27th

Some of the prints that will be featured at the art show have been released from artists such as Joshua Budich and Anthony Petrie which includes a Ghostbusters service map which you can see here.

It is clear that some of the artwork on show will be a little on the pricey side, but it will be worth it, if you are a diehard fan, to go to one of the dates to check out the artwork on display,

The opening in the art show in New York saw a queue of people that travelled around the block, just to get a look at the original artwork on show.

Hopefully more pictures of the artwork available at the art show will be released as the show starts it’s tour, but for now you can check the galleries twitter for updates, @galleries1988.

You can also visit, to check out some of the other artwork that has been released for the event, as well as dates and a full list of artists to look out for at the show.