Funko POP! release new Stay Puft man vinyl figures for Ghostbuster’s 30th anniversary

Posted on 12 May 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Funko release two more POP! Figures for the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary celebrations.

Ghostbusters will be celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year on the 7th of June and in answer to this, many toy companies have been coming up with their own figures and sets to help celebrate.

We recently posted a list of the toy companies involved with celebrating the anniversary but in the last few days, Funko have revealed a POP! vinyl figure variant exclusive to Hot Topic.

This means, to all fans living in North America, you may be able to get your hands on one of these figures within the next few days in the lead up to the anniversary.

The figure is a ‘burnt’ variant of the recently announced Stay Puft figure, but this one will only be available in the Hot Topic stores.

The figure can be seen on Popcox’s instagram who is ‘Obsessed with Funko Pop!’, his description reads.

As well as this, Fugitive Toys have also revealed a figure at San Diego Comicon that will also be available to buy in all comic stores.

This figure appears to be a shade of pink, giving it a sunburnt look.

You can see pictures of this variant on Fugitive Toys’s Instagram where you can also enter a competition to win one of these figures ahead of the general release.

The competition will be running until this Friday and all you have to do to be in for a chance of winning one, is to like the picture of the figure, follow both the Fugitive Toys Instagram and the Funko account and lastly, repost the picture of the figure with a very specific caption and numerous hashtags.

These figures are going to be added to the others in the range released by Funko including a regular Stay Puft Man, Slimer, Ecto-1 and Winston Zeddmore, Dr Spengler, Dr Venkman and Dr Stantz.