Filming of Liverpool Teddy Boy movie resumes at VideOdyssey Studios

Posted on 25 August 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Filming on a Teddy Boy movie called Dandilious has re-started at VideOdyssey Studios, after a hiatus due to lockdown restrictions.

With a stripped back crew and following social distancing guidelines, the movie, which focusses exclusively on the culture of Teddy Boys, has filmed it’s final scenes in the black box TV studio facility in Toxteth TV.

Andrew Games is directing the story of Teddy Boy Marty, who struggles to live up to the credentials as a self-declared ‘King of the Teds.’

The film was backed with a successful KickStarter campaign, and was agonisingly close to wrapping up production when the pandemic hit, forcing all productions to close.

Writer and producer Andrew said the film found an audience on the crowd funding site because it’s the first film to really explore what the subculture represented for young people, both in the 1950s and today.

Andrew, 26, said: “We’re really pleased to be filming again. It was a long lay off, and nobody really knew when we’d be able to film with a crew again. We were so close to finishing, and then everything had to be delayed.”

Filming began in June 2018, and now that social restrictions are no longer blocking opportunities to film, the final stages of filming are coming to an end.

“We’ve been filming some self confessional scenes today, and we chose VideOdyssey because the curtains and vast space will emphasise the emptiness and vacant state of mind Marty had.”

“We took inspiration from some of the Guy Ritchie films, which are very stylised, in your face, all the characters and story telling are larger than life.

“As well as attracting the original Teddy Boys, it will be inclusive for those who are not as familiar with the culture, so no one is alienated.”

“If it wasn’t for the Teds, the youth of today – wouldn’t have a voice.”

Filming with a Black Magic cinema camera, an affordable industry standard, Games, along with Stuart Smith, 26, and Adam Hughes, 20, have been experimenting by filming some segments of the film, predominantly those filmed at VideOdyssey Studios, in an 8 millimetre style format.

VideOdyssey Studios is the only studio with a drive in facility and live streaming capabilities from the studio floor cameras. Situated in Toxteth TV, the studios built in 2003 as the base for a youth training programme and are now available to hire, with community artist rates available for Liverpool residents.