Exploring the best Android applications of 2016

Posted on 24 August 2016
By Carlton Whitfield
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Over the past few years, Android has become one of the most common and popular mobile operating systems in the entire world. It has remained very competitive with Apple’s iOS and is available on a larger quantity of devices. As an Android user, you’ll find an easy-to-use interface, customization options, and plenty of mobile applications to enjoy. Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll explore some of the top Android applications of 2016.


If you consider yourself to be an entertainment junkie, you’ll absolutely love the Gigbox app. It is specifically designed for content goers and music enthusiasts. The mobile application takes notes of your current location and utilizes it to provide you with real time updates regarding music events within your area. The application syncs with Last.FM, so it will be much more useful for those that happen to utilized this website. Once the app has analyzed the content you’ve listened to, it’ll display upcoming gigs on a Google Map.


Those that are unfamiliar with their areas will find Flixster Movies to be a very beneficial mobile application for Android. This mobile app makes it possible to find move theaters within your vicinity quickly and easily. By using your current location, the mobile app will find theaters within your location and provide you with a rundown of the upcoming movie showings. The application will provide you with show times for each movie and you can even check out the movie’s ratings. And, if you’re unfamiliar with the movie, you can use the app to watch the trailer. Flixster Movies is a good choice for anyone that is a movie enthusiast.


Pandora has become one of the hottest music applications on the Android operating system. This mobile app will give you the ability the transform your mobile phone into a radio station. Pandora is easily customizable and it’ll give you the ability to create your own radio station, which is based on your musical preferences. Pandora is completely free, so there is truly no reason not to download it and begin utilizing it for yourself. Just remember that you’ll be forced to listen to ads from time to time. Nonetheless, it is truly well worth it!

Showbox Movies

If you have lots of movies sitting around on your computer, you should begin taking full advantage of them by making the Showbox download. This mobile application works on your computer and on your Android phone. Together, the programs will sync your computer to your phone and give you the ability to stream movies from your computer directly to your mobile devices. Showbox
can be downloaded for free of charge and will provide you with a wealth of possibilities. The application is entirely legal and doesn’t have any monthly fees.

Aside from streaming your own content, you can also watch new shows and movies, which are being added each and every day. As an entertainment junkie, you truly owe it to yourself to check out Showbox Movies right now! Once you have, you’ll never go anywhere else for your entertainment!