Enjoy the first trailer for Bill Murray’s star-loaded Netflix Christmas special

Posted on 19 November 2015
By Khyle Deen
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What can you do when your guests of honour – Paul McCartney, George Clooney and Pope Francis are snowed out of your classy, old-fashioned holiday special? Well if you’re Bill Murray, it mean you sit back and pop a few bottles of champagne.

Bill Murray & Sofia Coppola have been working on a festive special for over a year, finally, A Very Murray Christmas is ready to be ushered out to the world.

Netflix released the special’s first full trailer earlier this week (after teasers were shown earlier in the year) and it offers the longest look at Murray’s attempt to assemble a decent evening for his Christmas extravaganza at New York’s Carlyle Hotel.

Amy Pohler, Rashida Jones and more were conveniently there, Miley Cyrus even pops up to perform a Christmas tune. Even the great George Clooney somehow manages to make his way there, even with the awful weather.

Michael Cera lands a wicked crack about The Monuments Men. It might not be the Christmas Murray wanted — there’s still no Pope, after all — but it doesn’t seem so bad, right? At least he’s getting a novelty single out of it.

Michael Cera drops a great quip about The Monuments Men. It’s probably not the Christmas event that Murray wanted – no Pope Francis, but it’s not too shabby eh? At the very least, a novelty single is something cool!

A Very Murray Christmas premieres on Netflix this December 4th.