Disney to film Evermoor movie in Liverpool for biggest UK production.

Posted on 20 March 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Disney Channel are set to team up with Lime Pictures to film a live action movie titled ‘Evermoor’ which will be the channel’s largest UK production to date.

The programme will follow the life of an american teenager, Tara Bailey, who has been taken away from her city life and moved to an isolated village deep in the moors of middle England.

It doesn’t take long for the mystery adventure to kick in after Tara and her brother begin to explore their new surroundings while their parents unpack.

The series will be filmed by EMEA (Disney Europe, Middle East and Africa) who will be teamed with Liverpool’s own Lime Pictures who have produced other shows including famous day time soap Hollyoaks.

Lime Pictures have expressed their excitement about teaming up with EMEA and being the first UK independent production company to work with Disney.

The team behind Evermoor scoured the North West of England in order to find the perfect location for the film. They eventually chose Arley Hall, which will be known as Evermoor Manor for the production.

“We were looking for a really interesting old house which had to be inviting enough that you would want to go in, but might have a little bit of a sinister side to it as well,” she said.

It is easy to see why EMEA chose to film their new film here in Britain as there is something eery about the British accent combined with a large creepy mansion.

Rebecca Hodgson, the head of Lime Pictures says the film is full of “British and American sensibility” but is still in talks about whether the main actress is to be British or American.

It has not been confirmed whether the film will be shown as a four part half-hour series or as one full film.

Filming will start at the end of April and the world wide premier will be in Autumn 2014.