Disney release UK IMAX poster and new character banners for Maleficent

Posted on 6 May 2014
By Ashleigh Panther
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Disney have released two new character banners for up and coming movie epic Maleficent, as well as the poster for UK IMAX.

Maleficent is the live action retelling of the much loved animated movie, Sleeping Beauty.

Whereas the other film told the beautiful fairytale, this film looks at the villainess and her story, what made her the famous evil villain that we all love to hate.

Fans of the animated version are sure to be excited to see how Disney will retell this much loved story.

The two character banners include one featuring Princess Aurora protruding from the famous thorny forest that Maleficent creates in the much loved animated Sleeping Beauty.
Princess Aurora is to be played by Elle Fanning in the new movie and this picture shows her in a fitting blue gown with long flowing blonde hair, similar to the cartoon princess.

The other character banner features Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie as the one and only Maleficent. The picture shows Angelina in a haunting pose, head dress and all clutching the crow topped staff.

Both of these banners are sure to excite fans waiting for the films premier.

Disney have also released the poster for the UK IMAX.
This poster again, features Angelina as Maleficent, this time instead of being head on, appears to be peeking into the poster, but still with the same haunting expression.

There is no background on the poster, which only makes the villainess seem darker and more enchanting with her black head-dress and piercing red lips.

The film is set to premier on the 28th of May this month, created under first time director Robert Stromberg, who you may recognise from his help on another Disney live action remake, Alice in Wonderland.

You can find the new posters here, as well as another chance to watch the latest trailer.