Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to retire after the movie wraps up?

Posted on 23 May 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Woman In Gold star Ryan Reynolds, who’s a new father to a baby girl (with fellow star Blake Lively) is currently filming Deadpool, but he recently revealed he might retire after the comic movie.

The former Two Guys and a Girl star, has said in the past that Deadpool was a role he’s wanted to play for quite some time, reflecting on this, Ryan said: “It’s always different in practice than it is in your mind, which by and large, I’ve realised as I’ve gotten older, is a good thing.

“We’re just diving into it, but it’s such a fun cast and crew, it’s been really lovely so far.”

When asked what was next after shooting the superhero movie, he answered: “So far this is it. If this goes according to plan then I’ll just retire.

“God willing and the creek don’t rise. I can’t imagine not. I’ve never done anything else. I mean, I’ve had other jobs — I’ve driven forklifts and stocked shelves and been a waiter.

“all those things — but this was the thing I was always striving for, so I didn’t really have a plan B.

“I imagine I’ll be an octogenarian working hard in the film industry still. I hope.”

Ryan Reynolds can currently be seen in he aforementioned Woman In Gold, it also stars Helen Mirren.

Deadpool is currently shooting in Vancouver, Canada and is scheduled for release in 2016.