Deadpool cleaning up cinemas

Posted on 15 March 2016
By Alex Green
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Box office smash hit movie Deadpool is cleaning up cinemas in a different way, cinemas have reported that more fans than usual are taking their rubbish with them after being told to by the Marvel character during the end credits.

Deadpool took the world Box Office by storm when it was released, shooting straight to number one and breaking numerous ticket sales and records.

It seems that Deadpool’s success won’t be exclusive to the Box Office with this clean screen revelation.

During the film’s post credit sequence, Deadpool echoes the famous post-credit scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and addresses the audience clad in the famous red dressing gown.

After telling fans some snippets regarding a sequel, Deadpool then tells fans to go home as the film has finished and reminds them to take their rubbish with them, reminding fans that it’s a “total dick move” to leave it lying around.

Liverpool One Odeon Manager Lewis Wright told Purple Revolver that “It’s taken the Cinema hosts a lot less time to clean between performances which is great when we are busy. This enables us to focus our attention on the next show by seating everyone earlier and allows us to prioritise and enhance the guest’s experience.”

When asked whether staff at the cinema will be sad to see Deadpool leave the cinema, Lewis commented that “Yes! I think everyone is geared up for the sequel.  I haven’t heard a bad review from any of the guests that have seen it. Even non-comic book fans have been attending and loved it.”

Deadpool is still showing in cinemas so make sure you see it before it’s too late…

… and don’t forget to clean up your mess!