Carey Mulligan had on-set security guard for Tiffany’s diamonds worn for The Great Gatsby

Posted on 5 May 2013
By Jo Ching
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The stunning Tiffany & Co jewellery worn by Carey Mulligan on the set of The Great Gatsby was worth so much that she had to be shadowed by a security guard.

The jeweller created bespoke pieces for Mulligan’s character, Daisy Buchanan, to wear throughout the film.

The Never Let Me Go actress said: “I would be doing a scene, wearing these fabulous jewels from Tiffany’s worth many, many millions.”

“There’d be diamond bracelets on each arm, and diamond earrings, and rings, and strings of pearls around my neck. And I could see this guy in the corner watching me intently, in case I ran off with anything.”

The costumes created by Catherine Martin and Miuccia Prada, helped to get her into the role.

Carey said: “All the characters I’ve played before have looked how they look – or looked like crap, which was great fun.”

“This time there was a lot of emphasis on appearance. Not from Baz, but from my own reading of the novel. She has to be an object of desire. She’s the golden girl – the “king’s daughter”. Catherine Martin’s costumes were extremely helpful in making me feel that I was Daisy.”

Carey induldged in a spot of Champagne showers with her handsome co-stars in between hitting the gym. The Drive star said :”I also had to feel as healthy as I could, because I had to look good in those dresses. I went to the gym, and I ate well. We were a healthy pack of actors – Leo and Tobey kept themselves fit. In character, we were all drinking Moet; but off the set we behaved ourselves and were strait-laced in Sydney. There was the odd barbecue, but no partying around and going crazy. Leo set the tone and we all followed.”