Bill Murray has sax in taxi ride home

Posted on 10 September 2014
By Benjamin Phillips
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Ghostbusters star and internet phenomenon Bill Murray was up to his usual antics again this week.

This time with an extraordinary tale of how he went from passenger to driver in a taxi on his way home.

The actor told an audience at the Toronto Film Festival, how he jumped a cab with a driver who told him he played saxophone.

The Lost In Translation star said: “I asked ‘When do you practice?’ to which the driver replied. I drive 14 hours a day.'”

He then said: “Well, where’s your sax?” The driver replied, “In the trunk.”

Murray, who once gatecrashed a party with the Wu-Tang Clan and insisted on bar tending himself is used to these kinds of situations.

The Hollywood actor then told the cabbie: “Pull over and get in the back. I know how to drive a car.’”

He went on to say: “Not only did he play all the way to Sausalito, which is a long way, we stopped and got barbecue. He [wound up] playing in what some would call a sketchy, weird place in Oakland at 2:15 in the morning.”

Ever the laid back character Murray reassured his passenger: “I was like, ‘Relax, man, you’ve got the horn! We’re cool!’ And it was great and it made for a beautiful night!”

We can only hope the enigma that is Bill Murray was telling the truth and we look forward to hearing about more about his latest escapades.