Bill Murray crashes party and gets in romantic mood with engaged couple

Posted on 18 June 2014
By Amy Thompson
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Ghostbusters legend Bill Murray has made a name for himself as a sophisticated gatecrasher at various gatherings across America.

Bill, 63, who has starred in many Wes Anderson films, recently made an unannounced appearance at a bachelor party and popped up at a couple’s engagement photo session in South Carolina.

The stag do was underway at a steakhouse restaurant in Charleston, when the party noticed the Caddyshack star at a table and sent some drinks to his table.

The star declined the drinks, but did join the party later and gave some comedic life advice for groom to be E.J. Rumpke.

Bill Murray’s wise words were captured on video: “You Know how funerals are not for the dead, they’re for the living?

“Bachelor parties are not for the groom, they’re for the unmarried.”

However Bill later revealed a romantic side by declaring: “If you have someone who you think is the one.

“Take that person and travel around the world. And when you come back to JFK, you’re still in love with that person, get married at the airport”.

Another ‘crashing’ happened in Charleston, when photographer Raheel Gauba (Fia Forever Photography) was shooting engagement photographs for couple Erik Rogers and Ashley Donald.

Raheel states that the couple was distracted and looked shocked. To his surprise Bill Murray was behind him with his shirt up and tapping his stomach trying to make them laugh.

The photographer asked Murray to join in one of the posed portraits, which was then later uploaded to his Facebook account.

The question that we all want to know is what mischief will Bill Murray cause next?