Beetlejuice 2 – The Discussions, Rumours and Facts

Posted on 29 May 2020
By Dana Andersen
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The last few decades have seen many rumours, discussions, and whispers, of a sequel to Tim Burtons cult favourite Beetlejuice. With Beetlejuice the musical on Broadway, though it has unfortunately now closed through no fault of theirs, becoming hugely popular, and pulling in younger fans, the lasting success of Beetlejuice is more apparent than ever.

Exact details are being kept tightly under wraps by Warner Bros., but it has recently been revealed that they are apparently in talks with title star, Michael Keaton, to reprise his role of the chaotic host with the most. The actor said back in 2014 that Beetlejuice 2 is the only sequel he has any interest in participating in. Just as well, considering Tim Burton has said the sequel can only happen with Keaton’s involvement.

It’s thought the studio are also interested in having Tim Burton return to direct the sequel. Many fans consider this absolutely essential, who else could possibly embody the unique style he’s honed over the years? There’s been no news on Danny Elfman, known for creating the memorable music in many of Burtons movies, but he has expressed several times in the past that he would be enthusiastic at the prospect of working on a sequel.

Writer Mike Vukadinovich, known for TV shows ‘Runaways’ and ‘Kidding’, is on board to pen the script, but little is known as to what the plot may involve. Online rumours have suggested that perhaps we will see the daughter of Lydia, the ghost loving teen from the first movie, return to the house, commencing on her own supernatural adventure. The rumours continued, placing Chloë Grace Moretz to take on the role, but this has not been confirmed.

Current conditions have pushed back the progress of many productions, and its save to assume Beetlejuice 2 is no different, but it seems more promising now than ever, that a sequel is going to happen.