Back To The Future day 2015 – put your money on the Cubbies prediction could come true

Posted on 15 October 2015
By Pierce King
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Major League Baseball team The Chicago Cubs have won their National League Division Series and are now setting their sights on the World Series – with a Cubs win sure to bring a smile to the faces of Back to the Future fans.

Back To The Future part. II, which by now you probably know sees Marty McFly travel to the upcoming date 21 October, 2015, predicts that the Cubs win the world series, defeating the Miami Marlins.

The Marlins have been knocked out, but the Cubs could still win and bring about an end to their 98-year championship drought. The longest in all four of the major North American professional sports leagues, making them the supreme underdog.

The potential win could only be made more delightful by the fact BTTF screenwriter Bob Gale only wrote the Cubs’ win in as a joke.

He said: “I’ll tell you, some of the things in Part II were half-ass predictions and some were just jokes—and this one was a joke.

“But I’m a baseball fan and if you were going to pick a Cubs team and say they were going to be contenders, the 2015 Cubs have to be on the list.

“Even guys who are on the Cubs have seen Back to the Future II and they’re saying “It’s been predicted, we’re the team of destiny!”

Pepsi have already gotten in on Back to The Future Day fun, making the film’s Pepsi Perfect, while Universal created a teaser trailer for the ‘Jaws 19’ film that was playing in Marty’s 2015.