Aaron Taylor-Johnson lifts the lid on working with Jim Carrey on Kick Ass 2

Posted on 18 August 2013
By Carlton Whitfield
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Kick Ass 2 star Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been left undaunted by Jim Carrey’s stance on the violence in the comic book movie and has spoken out about what a delight he was to work with.

The Nowhere Boy actor told how he watched Jim at work on the set of their new movie and realised why he’s at the top of his game.

Aaron, who stars as the self-made action hero Kick Ass said: “People ask if Carrey gave me any career advice, but its not like you can sit around on set and go: ‘hey Jim, give me some advice.’

“What I got from being with him us the realisation that the actors who work consistently at the top are people who are always passionate about what they do and work f**king hard at it.

“Also, these people are always a delight to be around.

“You have to work hard and work well with people. Nobody wants to hire the arsehole who gave the director, the co-stars and whoever a shit time.

“And I’d say that goes with everything, not just acting. Work hard and don’t be an arsehole.”