A Virtual Tour of Tim Burtons ‘Lost Vegas’ Exhibit

Posted on 15 April 2020
By Dana Andersen
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Those of us that have been following Tim Burton for a while will remember back in 2009, and again in 2011, his artwork was displayed in shows at both NYC’s Museum of Modern Art, and LA’s Los Angeles County Museum of Art. His most recent showing of work, ‘Lost Vegas’, has been displayed at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas since October of 2019.

With the onset of the current pandemic, and the following lockdowns, The Neom Museum has temporarily closed before the April 12th closure of the exhibition, leaving many fans unable to view the exhibit in person. The exhibit had already been extended from its original planned closure of February 15th, due to popular demand from fans of the film maker.

Due to the huge popularity, and the unfortunate circumstances forcing its early closure, The Neon Museum have created a virtual tour, their first ever. Originally live streamed on April 10th, on their Facebook, the video is now available there for anyone to watch.

The tour is guided by the museums education specialist, Mitch Cohen, and spends just over half an hour taking fans through the exhibit as though they’re there. The abandoned feel of the area almost adds more to the vibe than actually being able to go.

Integrated into the museums usual alleys, created by neon signs from Hotels long since demolished, and other relics from Las Vegas’s past, Burtons exhibit explores his ‘childhood memories’ of the city, not to mention some of his best known films, such as Beetlejuice, and the heavily featured Mars Attacks!

Throughout the virtual tour there’s plenty to look at, and think about. It’s almost less of a virtual tour of an exhibit or museum, more of a guided tour through Tim Burton’s brilliant, creepy mind. For those who aren’t able to access the exhibit themselves, this is a wonderful compromise.

Fans around the world who could previously only experience the exhibit through released press photos, and other fans instagram posts, are now able to experience the closest thing to the full tour without actually being there! If theres ever been a time to look for the silver lining, its now, and if theres ever been a silver lining, its the virtual tour of Tim Burtons Lost Vegas exhibit.