What Not To Write In Your Profile On A Dating Website

Posted on 17 April 2018
By Carlton Whtifield
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A dating website is one of the safe and at the same time – efficient options to find friends, romantic relationship, like-minded people, and even relations to start a family.

However, experience shows that some people manage to use such websites to their advantage, while others fail. There are several reasons why this may happen, and one of the reasons is incorrectly created profile of the user.

As in any other social network, user profile on a dating website like coomeet.com and other is user’s “face”, the first thing any potentially interested person will look through.

Unfilled, unattractive or uncreditable profile drastically decreases the desire of other users to get to know the person behind profile. So, some information on the page is crucial, while other should not be indicated.

Unfilled Profile

Although there is no doubt that some types of information should be avoided on the page, this does not mean that the profile page should be literally empty.

This creates an impression that the user behind the profile is either a fake, or a person who is not interested in communication, or a person that has nothing to say about her-himself, or a dinosaur who has not learned to use the profile. Therefore, you should indicate at least minimum information in each field, to show that you are not a dinosaur, and are interested in revealing something about yourself.

Unattractive Profile

Think carefully what impression you want to make on potential visitors of your profile page on the dating website. Think what kind of person you would like to communicate to, and therefore, what information on your page would be interesting for this kind of person.

If you are looking for like-minded people, write about activities and hobbies that you would like to share currently. If you did hip-hop dance 20 years ago, and now you don’t, and are not interested in hip-hop any more, no need to write this stuff only to show that you are a polymath.

So, the first rule is to provide current information, not what was sometime ago. The next rule is to make yourself attractive for potential friends. Don’t be lazy and find a good picture of yourself, if you don’t have one – ask a friend to make several on the phone.

Make sure your face is seen well, your hair is clear, and expression is calm and friendly. As for the rest of the page, provide adequate pictures and videos about yourself and your activities.

Even if you are OK about noisy parties and drinking, it is better to avoid this type of content on your page.

Uncreditable Profile

One of the most important rules is don’t try to show yourself better than you are, and don’t post untruthful information about yourself. If you are not a professional athlete, don’t pretend you are, or if you are not a model, don’t pretend you are.

Or at least make it look credible. However, remember that when you start communicating with somebody, even without meeting in person, you may forget about your artificially constructed personality, and due to this lies lose a friend or a potential partner.