The 3 most compelling reasons you should visit Canada

Posted on 22 April 2019
By Carlton Whitfield
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Earlier in August, we covered the top ten ways you can enjoy a holiday in Canada, from city breaks to rail tours and cruises to skiing vacations. Now, we’re going to be taking a look at three knock-down reasons you should visit Canada, regardless of which sort of holiday you choose.

1. Natural Wonders & Wildlife

When it comes to natural beauty, few countries can compete with Canada. There are the vast mountain ranges of The Rockies, rugged countryside in the Cape Breton Highlands, the world’s largest assortment of freshwater lakes and forests – it all looks as though it’s been plucked straight out of a fairy tale.

Canada is even home to glaciers, which you can ascend in the very North of the country to witness aurora borealis. There’s something for everyone across the country (unless, of course, you’re looking for jungles and deserts – they’re maybe the only two things Canada doesn’t have to offer). 

Across these diverse, seemingly endless natural wonders you’ll also find a variety of wildlife including bears, moose, wolves, elk and caribou, while, in the sea, there’s everything from otters to whales. It’s no surprise that Canada is home to the world’s first ever parks service, aptly named Parks Canada, which aims to protect and manage these wild areas for years to come.

2. Cosmopolitan Cities & Casinos

If a city break with plenty of excitement is more of your idea of a good time, then Canada has plenty to offer you too. Each and every one of Canada’s cities is different from the last, offering its own distinct experience.

Vancouver and Victoria are the places to go if you’re looking for entertainment, while Calgary and Edmonton thrive on their tourism industries, packed full of visitors looking to see the natural beauty of Canada. Winnipeg is also a great choice as it has become a cultural staple in the country, while Toronto and Ottawa are great for more politically minded individuals.

One thing that almost every city shares, though, is casinos – Canadians love a good gambling session. Like the rest of the world, many Canadians took to online casinos to play slots and live table games. You can read more here to understand just how popular brands like
Casumo are in Canada and you’ll begin to see why the land-based casino business has also thrived.

There’s the Casino Niagara in Ontario which has stood proudly by the Falls since December 1996, Casino Montreal in Quebec, the River Cree Resort in Alberta and plenty of others scattered across the landscape. Most of these casinos are actually parts of larger resort complexes, meaning a trip to see them can satisfy your own casino whimsies as well as providing activities for pretty much everyone in your group.

3. Fancy Festivals & Food

Canadians love a festival, so don’t be surprised if you come across some sort of celebration during your time there. Montreal alone is home to the planet’s biggest comedy and jazz festivals and Quebec City hosts Earth’s largest winter carnival. Folk festivals are a common occurrence in Vancouver,

Edmonton and Winnipeg, while Toronto has its own Film Festival second only to the big Cannes shindig. Ottawa has the Winterlude every year, then in July Parliament Hill celebrates Canada Day in a big way. It’s said that almost two million people turn up for Vancouver’s annual Festival of Lights as the fireworks are said to be spectacular.

As for food, between the natural resources and the many festivals you’re sure to find your new favourite dish. Pacific and Atlantic salmon are both on the menu, as well as AAA Alberta beef and more fool you if you don’t try something at a Tim Hortons.

When it comes to upscale dining there’s Niagara in Ontario, Okanagan in British Columbia and there’s no beating Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia when it comes to fruits, wines and other produce. Even the pickiest eaters are sure to come home with full bellies after visiting any one of Canada’s world-renowned foodie destinations.

So, have we convinced you? Are you going to book a holiday to Canada right now? Or have you already been and you know exactly why you’ll be visiting Canada again? Let us know what you think in the comments below.