Skint January – free and fun things to do

Posted on 14 January 2015
By Lucy Wright
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Still skint from the festive period? Don’t fret, you don’t have to be bored too with out top ten things to do out and about.

Go to a Museum or Art Gallery

Stretch your legs and mind at the same time. You might learn something.

You might learn nothing and just laugh at art that looks ridiculous in your mind instead.


A good productive way to spend your time freely is to cook or bake, using what you have already in your kitchen to prevent a high cost.

Using websites like you can search for recipes that use exactly what you have in your cupboards. This will not only give you something good to eat, but it could be the start of a new career as the next Delia.

Go for a walk or bike ride

Getting your body moving outside in the fresh air can be fun as well as good for you.

Take headphones and listen to the music that you have neglected for months, or take somebody with you and have a conversation.

You could even map out a route to take somebody round with you, and show them all your favourite spots in the city.

Play football in the park

Or another sport of your choice.

Take a group of friends and a football to your local park or open space and have a game like you used to do in primary school. Use you jackets as goal posts and everything.

Visit the Library

Go and get lost in a good book. Transport yourself to a completely different world and situation, free of charge.

Also, Liverpool Central Library has had a revamp so you can go and check that out too.

Movie Night

Invite your friends over and ask them to bring a few DVDs to watch together.

Make a theme of it, such as “Really Bad 80s Films” and have a laugh all evening.

Have a games night

Invite your friends over and ask them to bring board games, or maybe video games and let the competition commence.

Build a blanket fort

Use chairs, fairy lights, string and pegs. Don’t just make a fort, make an epic mansion.

Write a letter to your future children or grandchildren

Give them some advice, tell them what you wish somebody had told you when you were younger.

Write your hopes for the future and the stuff that you want them to know, but probably will forget to say in years to come.

Donate your things to charity

Declutter your space and do something good for others.

Having a clear out of your wardrobe can be really therapeutic and you’ll probably find something you’ve forgotten about for years.