Online Dating: The Latest Pros and Cons

Posted on 15 August 2018
By Carlton Whitfield
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Online dating creates rooms for people from different walks of life to meet and connect with each other. It’s over a decade now, but it’s still trending.
Online dating sites and applications are platforms that open you up to a new world and give you the chance of meeting people you never thought you could possibly meet.

Ranging from different backgrounds to different cultures, different norms and different perspectives about life and things in general.
Although, there are different views when it boils down to online dating, just like the saying: “Different strokes for different folks”

With online dating, some folks have beautiful stories to share, while others have not so good experiences, and meeting someone online has both advantages and disadvantages.
If you’re looking for the best dating site, you might as well get familiar with the pros and cons of online dating.
Below is a list of the Latest Pros and Cons of Online Dating

The Pros of Online Dating
1. You Get to Meet More People
Getting the chance to meet more people is one of the best things about online dating sites.
Online dating brings about making new friends and meeting new people beyond your immediate environment.
And it also gives you the avenue to learn new things about other people and their culture.

2. You Can Meet Like-minded People
Through online dating, you can actually meet people who happens to share the same views and beliefs with you.
With thousands of people using online dating sites, it will also give you the opportunity to meet someone who suit your taste about life and things in general.
In other words, online dating increases your chances of meeting like-minded people.

3. You and the People You Meet are Open About What You’re Looking For
With online dating, you have the opportunity to open up and be specific about what you’re looking for and expectations at the early stages.
With that, you can easily draw a clear picture of what you’re really getting yourself into before it gets any more serious and deeper.

4. It’s Good for Shy People
Are you the timid, nervous and shy type? Then, online dating sites are just the perfect and right antidote you need.
Because, chatting with someone from the comfort of your room is a lot easier than talking to them in person.
In other words, online dating gives you the time to thoroughly think about what you want to say and how to pass the right message across to the other person.

The Cons of Online Dating
Below are the flip side of the latest advantages of online dating:

1. You May Be Blindsided by Your Preferences
Most dating site profiles tend to focus more on the attributes of the users and less or nothing about their values.
You may be so focused on what you think you want that you eventually miss out on what you really need.
With online dating websites and applications, you may end up being blindsided with your preferences.

2. Profiles Don’t Tell You Everything
More than 60 – 70% of online dating profiles can’t tell you everything you need to know about a person.
Some qualities or traits are hard to assess merely by going through their profiles.
Online dating profile can be misleading, and there are some things which you can only find out when you interact in person.

3. It Can Be Dangerous
We live in a world filled with chaos and a life full of uncertainties, and the internet as a global market is not left out of it.
It’s filled with fiddlers and all sorts of people who find pleasure and derive joy in a dishonest way of making money by deceiving other people.
In conclusion, online dating brings about new adventures and exploration of new places and meeting new people beyond your immediate environment.

You can actually meet people who happens to have the same views and share the same beliefs with you through online dating.
Yet again, the internet is also filled with scams and so, you need to be very extra careful about revealing vital private information through online dating site.