Interview with Christian Single of SAMM ahead of the Cunard’s Three Queens Ships event

Posted on 22 May 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Following the spectacle which is the arrival of the Cunard’s Three Queens Ships to their spiritual home in the city of Liverpool this coming weekend, there will be a basketball game between a local team and the crew’s team.

We’ve got an interview with Christian Single, Sports Manager of SAMM (Sports and Media Management). Christian is the organiser of this upcoming basketball on game Sunday evening at the Fire Fit hub in Toxteth as well as many other sports related happenings.

We asked Christian all about the events of this weekend.

PR: So this weekend is quite an event in Liverpool, it’s the Cunard’s Three Queens Ships 175th anniversary. Would you like to tell us a bit about what this represents?

Christian: Well for Cunard, it is a great achievement to have been servicing the cruise industry for so long, it’s great having such an iconic brand that everyone that everyone will be able to recognise, and that those who’ve never cruised will be able to witness.

I think that for the city of Liverpool, this is a great event with a lot of mutual benefits for both parties.

It’s a great chance for the people of Liverpool to showcase our amazing city to 6000 travelling guests and lot of press that will be associated with this event. As for Cunard, with its strong history in Liverpool, they can show the city what they are famous for, which is the 3 great Queens.

PR: You’re playing a basketball game this weekend in commemoration of the event, is this an annual game?

Christian: Having worked on the Queen Mary 2 as a Sports Director I ran a number of basketball matches all over the world for the ships team which was a great experience as we played some good teams in some very nice venues. Not that I am bragging but we were undefeated in my time while organising the team.

After traversing the globe organising these games, just a few months ago I was contacted by a few people from the ship asking for me to organise a game here in Liverpool during this momentous weekend and the event has just grown from there.

PR: What are the teams and how many are playing?

Christian: Due to scheduling from the ships and availability of the venue we are only playing against the Queen Mary 2 on Sunday 24th @ 19.30 at the Toxteth Fire Fit Hub. Both in basketball and football.

The initial plan was to play a tournament between the 3 ships and our team from Liverpool but as you can imagine with this big event, there is a lot of work for the on-board staff to complete in order to make the guests experience a weekend to remember.

PR: The winning team surely gets bragging rights for the year?, that’s pretty cool….

Christian: There has already been a lot of banter between the ships and myself as everyone is very competitive.

This has made the event much more worth the time and if our Liverpool team wins, I will endeavour to not let them forget about it too soon…

PR: So, for those that may not know, what is the aim of the event?

This event started out just being a basketball game for fun and then it has grown to include a football game too. And now the fun has ended and the competitive nature of everyone involved has come out.

The whole event has grown a lot, we’re now sponsored by Paul Crowley Solicitors, Auric Car leasing and Gloryhunter.

In addition to this, Bay TV and Purple Revolver have kindly offered their services in making this event one for the crew and some locals to remember.

We just hope that everybody has a brilliant time and enjoys the events that we’ve all put together as a city.

Thanks to Christian of Sports and Media Management for taking time out of his pre-game rituals to answer some questions.

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