Explore the waterways of Venice: Google adds city to street view

Posted on 15 November 2013
By Paige Gardiner
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For the first time, Google have made it possible to cruise the canals and wander the streets of Venice from the comfort of your own home.

The car-free city was captured by a group of “superfit” Google employees who trekked around the city for two months to add the famous Italian town to Street View.

With locations inaccessible by car, Google created the Trekker backpack which could be worn while walking to collect images in remote destinations by foot.

With two backpack-mounted “Trekker” cameras strapped to their backs, the team created the new portfolio through April and May this year.

Covering the entire city equalled around 265 miles on foot and 114 miles by boat.

Weighing about 20kg and four feet in height, the Trekker cameras takes a photo every 2.5 seconds to collect 360-degree imagery.

To capture views from the water, they were also taken along the canals by boat, in a project dubbed “Google Gondola”.

Now, seamless panoramas of Venice’s piazzas, alleways and bridges can now be explored online, and visitors to the site can ride down the Grand Canal in the picturesque city.

Venice is one of the last cities in western Europe to be given the Street View option – a project which was started in 2007.