Choose a relationship online or in reality?

Posted on 23 December 2020
By Carlton Whitfield
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There are positives and negatives to both sides, isn’t there? We’re here to help you unpack this mental turmoil of how to find love.

With so much choice in our modern world, you’d think that romance would be easier. However, now we must decide which route is best for us to meet your significant other. Before the Internet age, we relied on meeting people in person or through friends. Now, we can do it in a multitude of ways! Both have ups and downs, guarantees, and risks. It’s a matter of finding what suits your lifestyle and desires. Want a particular sexual desire fulfilled? Or happy with taking your chances? Let’s discuss what to choose.

Online Dating is the New Kind of Relationship

Thousands of singles join the online dating world every day, meaning that your search for a partner is complicated. With so many singles to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect match. Similarly, with so many to choose from, it can take longer to find your soulmate. But there’s an upside: it is the working solution for those who lead busy work lives or wish to remove the accident element from their romantic advancements. Many Flirtycuties users could find their significant other in the shortest time! Some people like to be in the drivers’ seat to avoid disappointment or unexpected twists & turns. Getting your friends to set you up is too nerve-wracking when you can do the matchmaking yourself from home.

You will need to stand out to ensure you get the pick of the bunch. Here’s how you can do that!

• Put effort into your profile. Include loads of pictures and create a unique bio to match your personality.
• Don’t be vague. This applies to your profile and your conversations with potential partners. Be discreet about sensitive details, but open enough to show off your great personality!
• Be honest about your aim. Saying things everyone wants to hear is a working algorithm, but won’t achieve much. Be serious and consistent to find your perfect match.

Know More About Your Future Soulmate from Their Profile

When dating in “reality,” there’re lots of things to build an impression on: face, voice, mannerisms. Online, your profile is where people will form their initial impression of you. Membership pages are a vital crutch in your walk through Internet matchmaking services. You’ll come to rely on them heavily to ensure you’re getting the best matches. Aforementioned, to stand out when dating online, you have to pay particular attention to your profile and what you put out there. Collect a range of recent photos of you and upload them, then write a unique bio about yourself so people can feel out your personality. Some choose to be vague here to achieve that sexy & mysterious vibe. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect. Honesty and openness aren’t only appreciated, it is required if you’re trying to meet single women.

If you need inspiration, here are some ideas of what to include in your bio

– If you enjoy the funny side of life, quote your favorite joke. For increased interaction, leave out the punch line, so people message with the answer!
– Talk about some things you’ve achieved and the hobbies you enjoy. This is where you can find singles with similar interests!
– Explain your intentions. No shame in honesty! If you want hook-ups, then be definitely open about this.

Make a Date Offline

Online is the most popular choice, especially for young singles. However, to know if something is for you, you have to transfer your love life back to reality. The Internet might work for an LTR, but you should meet as soon as possible if you live in the same city. Even if you shy, we encourage you to give dating in person a try.

And what if the Web doesn’t work? Meet people through friends or colleagues. Having mutual friends with the person you’re dating has its perks! You can get the inside scoop from your mates, which is similar to reading a person’s profile. If you’re a woman and concerned about some of the stories you hear about online dating, this is an excellent option for you!

Still, online or offline, this will all come down to a date. Oddly, when dating in person, there’s an implicit pressure on the first date to be more successful. This could be down to pressure from friends or show off the personality you boasted about in your bio. Here are some ideas to get you started.

• Go for a walk in the park. If you both have dogs, perfect! Bring them along and see if your furry companions get along.
• Go for lunch at your favourite café!
• Grab a coffee (either to-go or in the coffee house).

All of these first dates give you ample opportunity to properly talk and to get to know one another. Avoid things like evening meals (too much romantic pressure) and cinemas (zero chance to talk).

Your romantic journey isn’t linear, and it definitely isn’t easy. It can seem like everyone is fooling around, but we’re all trying to get by and to find our true love. Whether online or in reality? It is a tough choice for any single person. Consider both, as your needs from romance will change with you. So, to ensure success, keep yourself open to love in any form it presents itself.