California Motorcycle Accident: How an Injury Lawyer Can Maximize Your Compensation

Posted on 11 January 2022
By Carlton Whitfield
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If you were in a California motorcycle accident as a passenger or driver, you can file a claim for damages. It’s tough to predict the outcome of an accident, especially with long-held biases against motorcyclists. Here, riders will learn how to maximize their compensation after a motorcycle accident.

File a Claim Immediately

California’s statute of limitations gives injured riders two years to file motorcycle accident claims. By filing within this deadline, your lawyer will have plenty of time to gather the necessary information—and you’ll show that you’re serious about the case.

After filing an injury claim, your lawyer will notify the other party, which serves as a protective measure. When parties are properly notified, they cannot claim that they never knew about the injury.

Hire an Attorney

Where California injury claims are concerned, hiring a lawyer with motorcycle accident experience is a top priority. These attorneys know how to navigate the state’s legal system, and they can gather evidence needed to maximize compensation. An attorney will negotiate with the other party’s legal team and recommend the appropriate course of action.

Gather Evidence

Next, your lawyer will gather evidence to strengthen the accident case. You have a part to play here as well. Take extensive photo and video documentation of your accident-related injuries, as well as the accident scene (if it is safe to do so). Talk to witnesses and get their contact information in case your attorney needs to take statements.

During the process, your lawyer will interview witnesses and talk to law enforcement officers, obtaining a copy of the police report if necessary. With all this evidence, along with medical bills and other documents, they’ll build a strong case.

Speak Carefully

After filing a motorcycle accident claim, it’s important to monitor your words, actions, and social media activity. The at-fault party’s legal advisors will use anything they can to decrease the settlement amount. Even an innocuous statement can be seen as a sign of fault or guilt on a motorcyclist’s part.

Don’t Accept the First Offer You Receive

Even if you’ve received a seemingly substantial offer, accepting it may not be the best idea. Declining the first offer sends multiple messages. First, it shows that you’re not in it for a quick payday; secondly, it shows that you are taking the recovery process seriously.

Your accident attorney will tell you if the settlement offer is reasonable, or if it’s better to hold out for more money. In some instances, declining a settlement offer isn’t in your best interest. An experienced California accident attorney will recognize a reasonable offer and maximize it to the extent possible.

Govern Yourself Accordingly

Juries look at all possible angles when determining case outcomes, as do other parties. Remain polite and neutral when filing a claim, even if the at-fault party doesn’t do the same. By presenting yourself in the best possible light, you’ll increase the chances of a successful motorcycle accident injury claim.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Recovering from a motorcycle accident shouldn’t come with the additional burden of unfair compensation. If the evidence is strong and the case is well-prepared by an experienced personal injury attorney in California, it’s possible to overcome biases against motorcyclists and maximize an injury settlement.