Best travel apps and websites

Posted on 8 February 2022
By Carlton Whitfield
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Traveling can be a lot of fun and it also provides you with the chance to relax, rejuvenate and have a rest from your daily life.

Some people find travelling quite stressful as they tend to worry about lots of things that may occur during their trip.

But if you have an app that will help you stay informed about all that goes on in the world while you’re on your travels, then this could very well make your travel experience much more enjoyable. Traveling is definitely on every gamer’s bucket list, here’s some resources to help.


This app helps travellers to keep up with current events by offering live news updates around the globe. It gives users all sorts of information including weather forecasts, flight arrivals, transport schedules and maps for nearby places.

With this app, users need not rely solely on newspapers or local radio stations to find out important details about what’s happening locally. They can now get real-time updates right from their smartphones. Live feeds are provided 24/7, so there isn’t any downtime when it comes to getting the latest news.


If you’re looking for recommendations and suggestions regarding where to eat, what to see and how to save money, TripAdvisor has got you covered. This app offers many reviews and recommendations pertaining to different destinations all over the globe.

Not only does it provide useful information, but it also offers users the opportunity to interact with other travellers who have been at the same location before.

Having TripAdvisor on your smartphone will save you plenty of time, so you’ll be able to delegate it to some other significant activities like studying or searching for an answer to the question, Is speedypaper legit? if you are a student overburdened by a pile of troublesome assignments.


Whether you want to go sightseeing or just traveling around a city while playing games, being able to book Airbnb rentals could prove extremely helpful.

You’ll be surprised to know how much space each listing usually includes so it makes it possible for travellers to accommodate several guests and still feel comfortable.

The app lets users search for listings within various locations as well as filter them based on price range and rating. Once they’ve selected one, they can reserve it directly through the app.