American Diners in 1950s

Posted on 5 March 2015
By Carlton Whitfield
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Have you ever been to an American Diner? An American diner is a type of restaurant with prefabricated building characteristic which reflects the American lifestyle.

Diners are mostly found in the northeast states of the US, Canada and also in some European countries.

They usually offer a large range of American fast foods, and it has a distinct exterior structure that is easily noticed from faraway.

Those having a meal in an American Diner can enjoy a casual atmosphere where they are sure to find a counter and grab some late night munch.

The first diner was created by a man called Walter Scott in the year 1872 when he had the brilliant idea to sell food from a horse pulled wagon in Rhodes Island.

A few more years later, the commercial production of lunch wagons started in Massachusetts. As the number of customers in these diners increased, the wagon diners gave way to prefabricated one’s which allowed people to set up their diner business quickly by using the pre-assembled equipment and buildings.

However, the original diner remains as a mobile home which is narrow and elongated just like a wagon which can be easily transported through roads. Most diners serve American food such as burgers, French fries, grilled food, club sandwiches, bacon,hash brown, hot dogs, omelette, patty melts, and deep fried chicken, waffles, pancakes, baked beans,Coleslaw and toast.

However, the menu of diners also have regional variation and it has been highly influenced by immigrant who have brought their own culinary touch by serving food like gyros andsouvlaki for example.

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Diners are an essential part of urban culture and they normally stay open 24 hours a day, mainly in cities. They are mostly found alongside nightclubs, bars, and factories operation 24 hours a day where the late night business is always striving.

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