A Letter of Love about Liverpool

Posted on 28 February 2015
By Lora Jones
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Dear Public,

What’s it like to live in Liverpool I hear you scream? Well in honour of the one and only Global Scouse Day I am more than happy to tell you!

In my first few days in Liverpool as a student I soon found my bearings. As you can imagine the most important locations that were pinpointed were the nearest Aldi, the nightclubs and my Campus.

I was aware of the popular sites such as Liverpool One, The Docks and the Echo Arena but the rest was all a mystery to me.

When I eventually motivated myself to leave the comfort of my bed one day I soon discovered there is no end of things to do on these wonderful cobbled streets.

There are endless bars and restaurants popping up on almost every corner. Not only are there endless bars and restaurants, but they all seem to envelop a different piece of the world once you step inside. You’ve got Spanish, French, Mexican, Hawaiian, American and the classic British that Liverpool is famous for. You could go out every night for a year and still not have visited them all.

A personal recommendation for a sweet, alcoholic pick me up? The 5 Dollar Shake from Santa Chupitos. Although, there is nothing more exotic than drinking out of a pineapple you’re in the midst of the Caribbean in Aloha.

If you’re a lover of shopping then Liverpool will be your dream world. There are high streets, designer and boutique style shops dotted all over the city from Liverpool One to Bold Street. Trust me, if you’re struggling for that perfect Saturday night outfit, you could leave here with about 5!

Whatever your passion, whatever you enjoy, our very own Capital of Culture has it to offer! Just don’t forget to don those comfy shoes to tackle the cobbles!

Yours Sincerely,

Scouse Lands Biggest Fan