The Wonderful World of Dissocia at The Liverpool Playhouse Studio

Posted on 9 November 2015
By Janie Philips
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The Wonderful World of Dissocia is writer Anthony Neilson’s fantastical creation about a young woman called Lisa Jones. Lisa is on a journey, its scary but exciting as she is in search for one lost hour that has tipped the balance of her life. She finds herself in the wonderful world of Dissocia and the people seem friendly enough, if a little odd. But amongst the kind and wonderful people of Dissocia, there is evil. Can Lisa find her lost hour?

It is difficult to identify one single person as good in this show, as is always the case with the cast of YEP, each making their characters as unique and believable as the next. As Neilson has created some of the most marvellous and at times brutal characters, all step up to the mark and make their characters stand alone with costume and some impressive head gear by designers Jasmine Swan and Alice Verity-Smith.

Elliot Davis plays the Goat, one of Neilson’s more brutal characters. He stands out from the others, as this is where Lisa sees Dissocia in a different light. Davis takes on this grotesque character brilliantly, turning on the charm and then switching to the abusive and offensive in just a turn of the head. As humorous as this mad world that Lisa has found herself in, there are moments of darkness and where she fights to cling onto the familiar of her own life. Lisa, played by Niamh McCarthy is a perfect balance amongst the sea of mad characters that tear around the studio. There is a softness to her character that, despite the madness that she has found herself in brings a certain calm.

The cast do well to keep up the energy that is needed in a show like this particularly McCarthy who is constantly on stage. YEP have done a fine job in tackling Neilson’s play head on and with the issues that become apparent as the play progresses. There are scenes that some may find unsettling, but it is all in context and has been directed sensitively.

The Wonderful World of Dissocia is a crazy, passionate and moving play and is a brave choice for YEP. But this play works and it is because of the energy and passion that this incredible cast and creative team bring to it.

PR Rating: ****

The Wonderful World of Dissocia runs until Saturday 07 November. For information and tickets: