The Golden Oldies at The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Posted on 21 April 2016
By Chris High
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Twee? Yes. Make no mistake though: The Golden Oldies are a force to be reckoned with and shows like this are what have made The Royal Court, Liverpool, a benchmark for all things quality.

Sad, happy, uplifting, thought provoking and not just a little bit fantastic, this is a show with absolutely everything and, if that isn’t enough, it has a killer soundtrack with which to back up a superbly, deftly, beautifully crafted script penned by Dave Simpson laid to bed with typical skill by the directorial elegance gifted to Bob Eaton.

Okay, so the story itself – that of an over 60s choir from New Brighton who enter a singing competition so as to relive their days of yore – may not, on the face of it, be something that will tickle anybody’s tickle button. Add to this the subplot of a probation bound teenager, a woman with early onset Alzheimer’s and one or two not too classy liaisons, and it would be easy to surmise that this is message play of dark deliverance.

Not a bit of it. This is a show jam packed with joy, hope, expectation, happiness and glee, as each and every member of the exceptional cast deliver a tale of extraordinary loveliness to the extent where you are left thinking: “if this is growing old, bring it on!”

Add to all this live music and songs of the most outstanding quality, performed live by not only the main cast but by a chorus of remarkably gifted amateur vocalists, then what you have is a show primed and ready to have the audience twitching and itching to dance the night away.

It would be easy to understate just how good The Golden Oldies is and it’s possible that there are one or two curmudgeons who might dismiss it as fluff. Who cares? This is an absolute treat that can be enjoyed by everybody – young and old – who just loves a good time and a great night out.

The Golden Oldies
The Liverpool Royal Court Theatre
April 15 – May 14, 2016
Author: Dave Simpson
Director: Bob Eaton
Choirmaster: Jay McWinen
Cast Includes: Ruth Alexander Rubin, Paul, Kissaun, Olwen Rees, Greg Fossard, Eithne Browne, Hayley Hampson, Dennis Conlon, Annie Edwards, Phil Hearne.
Running Time: 2 hrs
PR Rating: ***** Absolute Gold