Sutty & Sweep at The Lantern Theatre

Posted on 22 June 2016
By Becky Darley
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Home to local talent while staging new and classical theatre, The Lantern Theatre plays host for original drama – Sutty and Sweep.

Sutty and Sweep is the story of two gangsters keen to make millions with their “final job” – we follow them through their trials and tribulations, hitting every bump in the road along the way. Emotions run high with the performance ticking every box – laughter, tears, fear and fascination.

It’s immediately clear that these actors are all so passionate about their performance. With half the cast on the cusp of graduating Liverpool John Moores University and the other half still studying, it’s exciting to see what fresh talent is emerging.

Ethan, portrayed by Ben Parry-Yates, is a lovable twitchy character able to shed light onto some very serious, uneasy topics. He has the ability to make the audience laugh out loud and his smile and positivity is utterly contagious.

Sutty and Sweep are a match made in heaven – constantly bouncing off each other with explosive scenes and addictive light humour. Writer of the play, Christopher Sutcliffe, takes the role of Sutty with magnificent clothing attire and the confidence to match. His partner in crime, Ollie Worden, takes the stage with Sweep – his charm and cheekiness make him instantly likable and the audience is desperate for their schemes to hold out.

Jordan Bucknall plays the ultimate sinister, Darius. His silence early on builds suspense and once we meet him – we know he is not one to be messed with. Jordan is able to engage with the audience with his playful dynamics and an evil grin.

This play is a great all-rounder, will leave you laughing out loud and hanging on to your seat in fear. Be prepared for an intense performance in this hidden gem venue – all adding to the suspense of the plot. As the first piece from Odyssey Arts Live, they have done a superb show and we hope this isn’t their “last job”.

Sutty and Sweep
The Lantern Theatre
June 20th, 2016
PR rating: ***** Powerful and gripping