St George’s Hall Liverpool hosts Chamber of Horrors Resting Ground of the Unsaved this Halloween

Posted on 26 October 2016
By Abbie Rooney
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It’s safe to say summer has well and truly said goodbye until next year. As winter approaches the festive night of Halloween is almost upon us. The night where the veil between this world and the next is thinnest, allowing spirits to roam the world of the living.

Supposedly. If that’s your thing. Whether you believe in the superstitions of Halloween or not, many would agree that Halloween in general is a fun night.

Regardless of how you usually celebrate the night, this year Love History Ltd have something that will tempt you from your usual Halloween routine. A brand new horror themed tour – Chamber of Horror: Resting Ground of the Unsaved.

Love History are a Liverpool based theatrical production company, founded in 2010. Specialising in immersive theatre, they are renowned for their brilliant shows, which often take place in some of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings such as The Adelphi Hotel and Croxteth Hall.

Purple Revolver were lucky enough to be invited to The Chamber of Horrors tour. Approaching the Heritage Centre entrance to St Georges Hall, darkness was slowly defeating daylight, setting a perfect atmosphere.

Arriving we weren’t really sure what to expect but were led to a cafe area to wait. Here you are able to purchase drinks or have your photo taken. Photos are taken in front of a green screen with various horror themed props for you to use, to recreate your favourite horror scenes. Or to pretend to use the various instruments of torture on your mates, as seemed the common theme.

Anyone who knows St George’s Hall knows that the building itself is magnificent. The awe-inspiring architecture and knowledge of its long, at points dark, history made St George’s Hall the perfect location.

At the beginning of the tour you are ushered together. Dark ominous music booms through the speaker, which made everyone giggly with nervous anticipation.

You are then greeted by your ‘tour guide’ for the night who gave an intense speech on Halloween and the spirits that wander this world and the next and then with that, the tour begins. Now, as much as we’d love to describe the tour in full where would be the fun in that?

What we will say is the tour lasts roughly around 40 minutes and you fully explore the catacombs of St. George’s Hall. The long chilly corridors and narrow descent downwards provides a perfectly eerie atmosphere.

The actors really are fantastic, providing powerful scenes that may contain language that could offend some people so please do bare this in mind. Costumes and SFX makeup were high quality, leaving our group screaming often and loudly!

One hint we will give for those who like that extra scare factor- stay at the front or the back. A lot of the passage and stairways down into the catacombs are narrow, so often you will find yourself walking in single file.

If you do frighten easily and feel a bit too nervous but don’t want to miss out, stick to the middle. Overall it was a really fun experience and gave us a lot to talk about upon leaving and going for an obligatory wine, to calm the nerves of course.

So if this Halloween you find yourself wanting to do something a bit different from your usual routine- give Love History and their Chamber of Horrors Tour a go. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Love History’s The Chamber of Horrors: Resting Ground of the Unsaved runs from: Monday October 24th- Monday 31st October.
Tickets cost £15pp and can be purchased from TicketQuarter in Queen Square or via the TicketQuarter website.