SingMe Merseyside Variety Show, New Brighton Floral Pavilion

Posted on 11 September 2015
By Chris High
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100 strong choir members can’t half make an impact and this is exactly what the SingMe Merseyside Choir did at The New Brighton Floral Pavilion under the leadership of BBC Radio Merseyside’s Billy Hui, all for the fantastic cause of Wirral Hospice St. John’s.

The acts were rich and eclectic, the vibe warm and comfy, the audience keen and enthusiastic as a range of vocalists, dancers, actors and the superbly deadpan and hilariously funny poet, Ian Kenyon, all took turns to entertain those who had arrived.

The biggest thrill was seeing that there are so many youngsters engaging in the arts, which has to be a good thing – not only for the region, but for the business as a whole – and something that truly needs to be nurtured. Particularly outstanding were the Adagio Dance Company, whose routines were as energetic as they were breathtaking. Excellent too were the opening act of The Liverpool School of Kung Fu, whose traditional Dragon Dancing finally evolved into Bruno Mars Uptown Funk quite superbly.

Yet above all, it was the amount of singing talent on display that truly impressed, not least of which coming from the choir itself, especially with its World War I Sing Along session which brought rapturous applause, as did three other sublime performances. Becky Brookes’ version of Amazing Grace, backed brilliantly by Wendy Williamson – and both of whom help organise SingMe Merseyside choir – was simply that … Amazing! Sisters Paris & Portia Graham-Jones showed exactly why they have established themselves as exquisite Operatic vocalists. Their Sound of Silence was remarkable yet topped by a quite enchanting, evocative and jaw-droppingly beautiful Flower Duet from Delibes’ opera Lakme, which was as rich and powerful as any other version performed.

Then, finally, up stepped the sublime Radio 2 Playlist singer/songwriter Lauren Housley who, with her tight-knit band, opened a four song set a sumptuously stripped back and slowed down version of Jolene, before kicking things up a notch with Nice To See Ya! the opening track of her superb debut album, Sweet Surrender. Hers was a performance to savour and brought a fitting climax to what, it has to be said,was a marathon, four hour long show, but one that was entertainment at its most eclectic and, for the most part, best. What more could anybody else ask for £10?

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The SingMe Merseyside Choir Variety Show In Aid of Wirral Hospice, St. John’s
The New Brighton Floral Pavilion
September 10th