Review: David Alnwick at 81 Renshaw St. Liverpool

Posted on 19 July 2015
By Chris High
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It is something quite extraordinary when an entertainer comes along and impresses so roundly that a warm fuzzy glow emanates from the performance. Such is the feeling that the majority in the intimate setting of Liverpool’s 81 Renshaw Street would have experienced having witnessed David Alnwick’s Cult of Dave presentation prior to it heading off to undoubtedly Wow audiences at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

To say that this young man – with his shock of ginger hair, black rimmed spectacles and lightening quick repartee – has a big future in the world of illusion and misdirection is something of an understatement, with a wide ranging act that is sure to enthral all those who come across it.

From predictions to card tricks, from mind reading to body language interpretation, Alnwick has it all and delivers each aspect in such a slick style it as though he has been seeped in olive oil before hitting the stage.

Yes there are things that could be ironed out. That he must remember that there are generally three sides to a room when dishing out his reveals is upper most but this notwithstanding, what we were offered was nothing short of exemplary showmanship, funny, quick-witted one liners and some mind boggling fits of magic that are sure to go down big wherever he performs in the future.

David Alnwick: The Cult of Dave
81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool
17 July, 2015
PR Rating: **** A Kind of Magic