Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games at The Liverpool Empire

Posted on 13 January 2017
By Keith Sailes
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This is one format of dance that has notThis is one format of dance that has not really appealed to me before this review. So will this night inspire or disappoint me? Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games, currently running at The Liverpool Empire, is the latest incarnation of the Lord of The Dance series that has been around been for 20 years.

This mix of dance, music and song tells the story of good v evil. I thought that the use of supporting videos/technology combined with flaming torches and explosions would depreciate from the show. However I am proved wrong it actually supports and enhances the whole production.

The show is created, produced, directed and choreographed by Michael Flatley with music by composer Gerard Fahy. Mr Flatley actually appears in the show. Well he appears as a trio of holograms of himself while the whole troupe change in readiness for the eagerly waited encore.

The story revolves around the dreams of the Little Spirit with the Lord of the Dance (one of Michael’s protégés James Keegan) against the Dark Lord. Both acts provide enough entertainment for everyone. The dances entitled the Chieftains and the Duel are definitely for the girls as the male dances strip down to reveal their six packs and the ladies in the audience clearly register their approval

The encore with the full troupe on stage (I think there are 40 members) backed by Irish music generates a sound that has the whole audience clapping and stamping along to which of course ends in a standing ovation.

The costumes changes combined with the right mixture of music and dance provides an entertaining night and not having seen any of the previous versions of the Lord of the Dance to compare. Having seen this show I wish I had.

Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games
The Empire Theatre, Liverpool
January 9th – January 14th, 2017
PR RATING: **** Invigorating