Forget Me Not at The Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Posted on 10 June 2016
By Janie Philips
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A solitary chair in a pool of light is what greets the audience of The Unity Theatre in Rob Gee’s solo show Forget Me Not. Written by Gee it combines his own experiences as a registered nurse working in psychiatric units around the UK and Australia. Now a performance poet he tours internationally and has created Forget Me Not, a piece about Alzheimer’s and its effects.

The story takes place on a dementia ward where Elsie is a patient. Her husband Jim is a retired police officer who has the early stages of dementia himself. When bad things start happening on the ward, Jim smells a rat and is determined to solve one last murder case while he can. With the help of his notebook and his own determination, Jim investigates and puts his detecting skills to good use.

What drives this story is the character of Jim whose very career depended on a sound mind and good memory. By placing him as the focus to the story, Gee has managed to create a unique snapshot into how dementia is seen from the families points of view and from those who care for the patients.

Gee’s characterisations are brilliantly done, capturing each patient with their own mannerisms and personalities as well as all the staff and Jim himself. Gee does not rely on any set, props or costumes, just a chair and a notebook allowing Gee to use the full stage.

This is a very poignant story, cleverly written and performed brilliantly. Gee is a writer who has taken a very sensitive issue and has created an accessible piece of theatre that is funny, dark and very witty.

Forget Me Not
Unity Theatre Liverpool
PR Rating: ****

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