Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Liverpool – A Thong For Europe – new comedy play coming to Royal Court

Posted on 18 January 2023
By Annabel Ostell
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Liverpool’s Royal Court will be producing a fantastic parody spinoff of what goes on behind the the madly popular Eurovision Song Contest, in an original play called A Thong For Europe.

Join Eurovision fanatic Lulu, played by Lindzi Germain, as she makes it her mission to get into the arena and watch her favourite show in the world, finally in person.

The play’s plots is described by the producers as: “Conceived to the beat of ABBA’s tambourine, she only drinks Bucks Fizz and Sonia had to take out a restraining order against her in 2002”.

Along for the ride is her son Terry, mother Debbie and an ambitious singer, Beryl. “What Beryl lacks in grace and talent, she makes up for in wildly misplaced confidence”.

Beryl, hailing from the new nation of Balkania, rents a room in Lulu’s house for the competition, and the two team up to transform Beryl into a superstar, set to win the show.

“When Liverpool won the right to host the competition, she knew that this was her big chance to make her dream come true”.

Written by Jonathon Harvey, creator of sitcom Gimme Gimme Gimme, this comedic play about Litherland’s largest lingerie fabricator will run from the 21st of April to the 27th of May, at Liverpool’s Royal Court.

The play will be jam-packed with laughs and music, full of Eurovision’s favourite songs.

Directed by Stephen Fletcher, creator of the Mamma Mia! spoof: Mam! I’m ‘ere!, this entertaining production stars Lindzi Germain, Emma Bispham, Eithne Brown and Keddy Sutton.

Ticket prices range from £16 to £24 and from each ticket sale, £1 will be donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. With no booking fees, this is a comedy show that you do not want to miss.

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0151 709 4321