Dave Spikey packs a punch at St Helens Theatre Royal

Posted on 3 September 2016
By Chris High
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Brace yourself for a hearty comic brawling at St Helens Theatre Royal – from the hands of one of the UK’s finest comedy talents – Dave Spikey! Multi award-winning Spikey brings his critically acclaimed Punchlines tour to St Helens on Thursday, 27th October.

One of the most sought-after comic talents in the UK today, Dave’s career spans over two decades and he has numerous TV appearances under his belt as a stand-up comedian, presenter and actor – and behind the screens as an acclaimed comedy writer.

Punchlines derive their humour from being unexpected – ‘punch’ indicating that the ‘line’ should come as a surprise or shock. The major school of thought suggests that few punchlines are inherently funny out of context.

There is another school of thought (actually Dave’s school of thought) that the opposite can be true. So, can a joke or funny story still make you laugh like a drain when you have been given the punchline beforehand?

Dave believes so and in his Punchlines show will present strong evidence to support this and in so doing, he will land blow after blow that hit square on the funny bone, turning the most mundane of life’s events into comedy gold.

Dave will also argue that you don’t always need a punchline for a joke to be hilarious and suggests that if you doubt him, you should ask the bloke with the big orange head.

Floating like a jovial butterfly and stinging like a bee with killer one-liners, Dave dissects the classics, from nuns in baths to Prince Charles’s fur hat to that lion walking in a pub faster than you can say: “Nice tits love, where do you want your blinds?” – all delivered with the quick one-two of a comedy champion.

Add to this his irresistible mix of observational humour, laugh-out-loud comedy and heart-warming stories and your ribs will not just be tickled but thoroughly pummelled!

Since touring Punchlines, the Lancashire based comic, has reprised his much loved character, Jerry ‘The Saint’ Sinclair for a 16 night run at the Manchester Arena as part of Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights for Comic Relief. Dave is also as busy as ever with script writing projects, contributing to The One Show, voicing the statue of Asclepius the Greek demigod of Medicine (as you do) which is outside Guys hospital in London and filming a part in the upcoming film Love Eventually.

He has also been guest presenter on the hugely popular Channel Five Cats/Dogs/Pets Make You Laugh series which recently topped Ch5 viewing figures for its spot with 1.6m viewers. And the former chief bio medical scientist is currently writing his next tour for 2017, which will celebrate his 30 years as a comedian.

“We are delighted to welcome Dave Spikey to St Helens as he is a comedy genius and we know our audience will love him,” Chantelle Nolan, Theatre Royal Manager said.


Dave Spikey – Punchlines
Dates: Thursday, 27th October
Times: 7.30pm
Tickets: Adults £17.50. concessions £16.50


Book in person at the Theatre Royal Box Office, Corporation Street, St. Helens, Merseyside WA10 1LQ (Mon – Sat 10am – 5pm). Alternatively, call 01744 756 000 or log on to: www.sthelenstheatreroyal.com.

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