Cyrano at The Liverpool Playhouse

Posted on 16 March 2017
By Mary Savage
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For a tale of unrequited love, Deborah McAndrew’s adaptation of Cyrano is touching and heartening.
Playing to a packed theatre at the Liverpool Playhouse, the collaboration of live music, singing, theatre and a sensational cast ensures that the production is mesmeric.

The story of a proud, practical, noble cadet ‘Cyrano De Bergerac’ who expresses his unconditional love for his cousin Roxanne through poetry. A love that is not reciprocated but instead returned to the handsome Christian, who is a significant contrast to the artistic protagonist. Christian, played scrupulously by Adam Barlow, with Cyrano’s permission, uses his love letters and poetry to woo Roxanne for himself as Cyrano’s insecurity originating from having a “colossal conk” prevents him from persuing her himself.

The hero, De Bergerac was played by Christian Edwards who captured every layer and detail to the extraordinary intricate character. With perfect use of timing, wit and rapturous verses, especially significant when he embodies several genres of literature and expressions as examples to others that they could adopt to ridicule his own nose.
Truly for Edwards; “he came, he saw, he conk’ered”

Every actor was immersed in the action throughout, making it hard to allow any one character to steal focus at any given time. Instead the audience were able feast upon the cast as a company in awe.
The embodiment of several characters, conveyed impressive versatility.

Northern Broadsides array of regional accents and age ranges made it a delightful to see an ensemble working together so beautifully. Doing justice to the writing which is magic. At times sparking gasps and laughter from the audience at the gaudy humour. Greeted with heckles of “bravo!” Upon applause.

Not only was the production faultless for the performance, but the appropriate and imposing use of; lights, setting, costume, choreography, stage combat and props mustn’t go unmentioned.

Cyrano is a must see!!

The Liverpool Playhouse
Tuesday 14th March 2017
Running time: 2hr 40
Director and composer: Conrad Nelson
Cast includes: Christian Edwards, Sharon Singh, Adam Barlow, Andrew whitehead, Andy Cryer, Paul Barnhill, Angela Bain, Jessica Dyas, Francesca Mills, Anthony Hunt, Robert Wade, Perry Moore, Michael Hugo.
PR Rating *****