Creative Industries Federation Liverpool Roadshow at The Liverpool Everyman

Posted on 10 September 2015
By Janie Phillips
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Liverpool has always been recognised for its music, thanks to the explosion of pop culture during the 1960s. There has been a fair few comedians to spill out of this city too. Ask anybody who has grown up here, and they will gladly regale you with their fond memories of the Everyman Bistro, or Saturday night comedy in the Neptune Theatre. Since Liverpool won the title of Capital of Culture 2008, has the city moved forward since then?

The question of Liverpool’s cultural identity and its future was one of the major issues discussed at the Everyman Theatre, thanks to Creative Industries Federation whose organisation is designed to highlight the importance of creativity and creative learning in the UK. With regular road shows held throughout the UK, they open up the debate to tackle the issues that are most relevant to each region.

With the help of a panel of six speakers, and with the guidance of Federation CEO John Kampfner, questions such as how to encourage, nurture and keep creative talent in the city was one that was very close to home. Also tackled were issues of government funding both in the arts and how this is shaped in education. More and more creative courses are being shunned by students, as anxious parents are pushing their young towards a more practical vocation, and this is having a detrimental effect on our next generation of film makers, musicians and writers.

For such a massive industry, and one that seeps into the lives of everyone, whether it is going to the cinema, theatre or reading a book, there is simply not enough resources to go round. Moreover, it seems that unless you are in the heart of the opportunities and money – London – and only if you are prepared to stick your neck out and show the world what you have, it is likely that we will lose our talent.

There is hope of course as there are organisations that are already working towards a solution and Everyman Playhouse is a great ambassador in nurturing new talent through YEP (Young Everyman Playhouse) and through their writing programmes.

One issue that all of the panellists agreed upon, is that we need to tell our story. Liverpool excels individually right across the arts, but to be able to collaborate and to work together with organisations, not regional based, but nationally and internationally. To show the world that Liverpool is one of the greatest cites and that there is a reason why the Northwest produces the most writers, musicians and comedians. Creative Industries Federation is an excellent platform to be able to highlight issues that effect our cultural identity, and whether you are a theatregoer or not, Liverpool without culture is an impossible thought.

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Creative Industries Federation Liverpool Roadshow at The Liverpool Everyman
September 8, 2015
Speakers and Panellists Include:
John Kampfner – CEO, Creative Industries Federation
Deborah Aydon – Executive Director, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse
David Pichilingi – CEO, Liverpool Sound City
Claire Poyser – Joint Managing Director, Lime Pictures
Yaw Owusu – Music Consultant & Curator of Liverpool International Music Festival
Erika Rushton – Chair, Baltic Creative
Prof Simeon Yates – Director, Institute of Cultural Capital, LJMU & University of Liverpool
Gemma Bodinetz – Artistic Director, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse