Camden Roundhouse poet Keziah Hodgson to preview spoken word show Ausual and Other Illusories in Liverpool

Posted on 18 May 2018
By Summer Gedall
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A talented young poet, tipped for success by Keith Wilson member of legendary comedy and poetry trio The Scaffold is debuting her one-woman show in Liverpool, before a performance at the celebrated Camden Roundhouse as part of the Last Word festival.

Musician Keziah Hodgson, who counts Keith as her mentor, has chosen Liverpool to preview her work, as she feels it’s been created more for her home town than London.

Keziah was introduced to Keith by ‘Bread’ actor Roy Brandon when she was just 14 years old.

Keith said: “It became apparent early on that her pencil was razor sharp even then, and any pearls adorning my person were kept firmly in their shells.

“She was aware of the great and the good writers of yore, had a sound knowledge of the Mersey Poets in particular and was supremely confident in her conviction to write.

“Since that first meeting, she has shared embryonic work with me, not in search of those elusive wisdom pearls, but as two writers discussing ideas.

“She has been exposed to the Mersey air, she speaks our language, uses our words and beyond that, she’s cooler than a polar bear’s fridge.”

Keziah, 22, was introduced to the Liverpool Beat poets by her Grandfather, while she was still in school, which inspired her to write her own material.

The spoken word-jazz beat-poetry mixtape promises to be a twist on classic spoken poetry alongside exploring the themes of love-lost, love-lust, unchanging realities, unnatural disasters and the humour of it all against a backdrop of theatrical and musical musings.

Keziah said: “I first saw Roger McGough and Brian Patten perform with Andy Roberts backing them at the old Everyman when I was 14, but at that point I was still keeping my musings close to my chest.

“It wasn’t until much later on that they finally found a form to escape.”

Whilst studying music in London, Hodgson admitted that she spent less time writing poetry in favour of writing and performing songs, but for her final degree project she decided to take a risk and produce a spoken word to music album.

She added: “I saw the perfect opportunity to reignite my flame for poetry and attempt to pull off an entire spoken-word-to-music album, which somehow I did.

“It took some time and reflection to realise I could make a show out of it, but then I applied to be part of the Roundhouse poetry collective and got accepted so that meant there was no more room for excuses, it was time to step up to the plate.”

In Ausual and Other Illusories, the audience can expect an unfiltered, unapologetic and unrefined insight into a range of different topics. From the ridiculous to the sublime, from the shameful to the celebrated.

Keziah describes the show, produced in association with Purple Revolver, as her journey and the experiences she’s had as a young woman.

Adding: “Liverpool is the beating heart of this project so it makes sense to let it breathe here first and find its feet before wobbling southwardly.

“I hope to take people on a relatable journey of everyday troubles and struggles. Alongside catastrophic, worldly ones, but ultimately seeing the humour in it all via the undeniable and inimitable, stalwart resilience that only Liverpudlians posses.”

“It’s tender and deeply baring, but hopefully people will leave with a lingering sense of reflection, empathy, encouragement, engagement, enragement or something else entirely.

“As long as they feel it, that’s all that matters.”

The exclusive performance will feature unheard material and is offering guests the option to ‘pay as they feel’ the show merits on the evening. Rather than a set ticket price.

Keziah chose to debut her performance at The Studio at Toxteth TV in Liverpool offering locals a chance to hear her vibrant and original performance before heading to London.

She added: “I am very interested to see how it goes here in comparison to London. Anything could happen, so I am at the audience’s mercy.”

Ausual & Other Illusories – Preview at The Studio, Toxteth TV

Friday – 25/05/18

Doors 19:00

Location: Toxteth TV , 37-45 Windsor St, Toxteth, Liverpool, L8 1XE

Tickets priced as free but guests can pay as they wish and can be requested from: