Ausual and Other Illusories review – A moving and inspirational work of art

Posted on 5 June 2018
By Summer Gedall
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Intelligent, and carefully formulated, ‘Ausual and Other Illusories‘ offers a compelling insight into the world of feminism and real world problems. The star of her own show, Keziah Hodgson gave the audience what was promised – a contemporary twist on classic spoken poetry.

This scratch preview show couldn’t have gone better and was the perfect way to get people talking about it before it debuts at the Spoken Word Festival at London’s Camden Roundhouse on 24th June.

The hour long show was an emotional and brutally honest reflection of Keziah’s personal perspective on topics ranging from politics to love. With much of the focus being centred on society, emotions, and sexuality – no topic was off limits.

Her use of crude, tongue in cheek humour in combination with deep and meaningful insight added depth to the performance. Both provocative and unapologetic, the entire show was received well by all who watched.

Keziah mocked society’s negative stereotypes and invited us in to the world of a feminist liberalist – possibly a new way of thinking to some.

The audience were fully engaged and invested in her words, reflecting on their meaning in complete silence. But everyone was especially mesmerised during an emotional acapella solo which left the room stunned.

The performance was brave, convincing, and thoroughly entertaining. It paid homage to her home town through relatable scouse jokes whilst remaining informative and original.

After the show at Toxteth TV, which was produced in association with Purple Revolver – English student Nancy Turner Cicco described the show as ‘inspiring’, adding: “I was so pleasantly shocked by the complex nature of the performance where music and poetry were combined with real emotion.

“It moved me and the entire room.”

Andy Green said: “She was really light hearted but also so deep.

“It was the most powerful thing I’ve seen all year.”

Many people were moved to tears by the end, clearly touched by the sentimentality of her words. She spoke directly from the heart, sharing personal anecdotes and reminiscing on fond memories with family and friends – many of which were in the audience.

As the show came to a close, it came as no surprise when she received a full standing ovation.

Speaking about her performance, Keziah said: “It’s difficult to judge how this kind of thing will pan out when it’s been held so close to your chest for so long, but I am reeling at the response I got.

“I’m just so glad that it struck a chord with not only close friends and family but also people in the audience who didn’t know me.

“It went better than I ever could’ve hoped.”

If you’re in London in later June, we heartily recommend that you check out Keziah’s showcase show.