Are You The One Millionth Royal Court Customer?

Posted on 10 October 2016
By Chris High
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Have You Won The Golden Ticket? In the next few weeks Liverpool’s Royal Court will see their one millionth customer come through the doors and they have got a very special surprise for them!

One lucky audience member will receive the Royal Court Golden Ticket which entitles them to two tickets including dinner and drinks for each show at the venue for the rest of their lives.

Unbeknownst to them, the winner has already bought the ticket that will get them hundreds of pounds worth of entertainment each year.

They are expected for one of the shows during the run of Father O’Flaherty Saves Our Souls which begins on Friday 14 October and runs until Saturday 12 November.

Father O’Flaherty is the Court’s 70th show since it began producing in 2006. The first show was the smash hit Brick Up The Mersey Tunnels and they produce eight or nine shows each year, with each one running from four to six weeks.

The venue is known to attract an audience that other venues are unable to reach. With dinner before the show, dessert at the interval and drinks available at your table The Royal Court experience is unique amongst theatres around the country. A mix of comedy and musicals featuring the best of Merseyside actors and backstage talent means that the audiences are loyal and large. 95% of all of the money made by The Royal Court is spent in Merseyside and the venue is fiercely proud of its reputation as The People’s Theatre.

Kevin Fearon, the Executive Producer at the Court, has been the driving force behind the venue since the company took over in 2005: “This millionth audience member is a huge landmark for us. When we first got here in 2005 the building wasn’t in great shape and, as much as people enjoyed coming here for gigs, they remembered their feet sticking to the floor and drinking warm cans of beer from the bar. We wanted to keep that amazing night out feeling but make the building a much nicer place for people to come. That first production of Brick Up showed that there was a whole new audience out there who wanted to come out for a great night out and we wanted to give them somewhere that they could really enjoy.

“The Royal Court Liverpool Trust has raised an incredible amount of money to refurbish the building and now we are close to being able to offer the experience that we think people deserve. It has taken ten years, 70 shows and a million customers to get here but we’re really proud of The Court now, both on stage and off. Now we have entertained a million people we want to reach a million more!”